Adam, England

The sessions with Nadine gave me back my body. Four sessions; a non-surgical option that changed my life!

Christine, Switerland

Nadine made me understand how the various tensions I was experiencing affected my life and my health. I learned to sense these tensions, to manage them better and to free myself from them by relaxing my body. Thanks to all that, I can manage my emotions and life events in a more positive way. I now have a better quality of life and I continue to apply these tools that help me in my daily life.

Anna, Switzerland

What we did together helped me make important decisions for my future and change the way I envision life in general. I was able to let go of old behavioural mechanisms that I had since childhood and to understand my body and my mind. All this gave tremendous strength to my body that had been neglected for 20 years! It wasn’t always easy, but what results!! Thank you for all the energy you put into our work.

Samuel, USA, after a workshop on movements

2 ½ hours of pure bliss. I had sore muscles the next day but was wonderfully relaxed, in a way I hadn’t been for an eternity. Thank you for this opportunity, I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in finding the best of themselves.

Isabelle, Switzerland

After a divorce and wanting to start a new career, I felt emotions and an anger that needed to be expressed. That’s when I started the sessions with Nadine Debétaz, who acted as my “midwife” for a little over a year. With her amazing sensitivity and experience, she managed to touch so many times the deepest and most hurt points in my body that had so many memories to express and to set free. Thanks to all our work, I dared to express the dream that was buried deep inside of me: to move abroad and help children. My deepest gratitude to Nadine who I strongly recommend. I am grateful for this new life where all this has become a reality and for the joy of being where I am today!

Didier, Switzerland

After a severe accident that left me paraplegic, it was difficult for me to walk. I had lost considerable control over my right foot, and I had a feeling of rigidity and heaviness mostly due to a lack of flexibility in my knee and ankle.

My left leg was mostly insensitive, it felt like cardboard and I couldn’t feel the difference between hot and cold, nor feel direct touch. Generally speaking, I had little energy and no enthusiasm or desire for anything.

I had been seeing a physiotherapist for two years and the work with Nadine was a perfect complement to that. I not only learned to relax my muscles, but I gained back the mobility I had lost and the sensation of being full of vitality: a feeling of wellbeing and levity that I had long forgotten. Today, I can walk fast without tripping and go skiing like I did before my accident. I regained great mobility with my right leg: I can lift up my ankle almost as high as the left one, extend my knee completely and the sensation of rigidity has almost completely disappeared. In my left leg, I can perceive touching again, as well as temperature variations. The cardboard sensation is much less strong and my leg practically isn’t spastic anymore. My chest is much more relaxed and I am no longer afraid to be touched in the whole area around my scar. My capacity to breathe deeply has increased and I have a general feeling of comfort within my body: light, fluid, mobile and with much more energy.

A side effect of the sessions with Nadine has been to increase my capacity for concentration at work. Even if it’s something we didn’t work on at all, they helped me solve a concentration problem that had been a problem for a while.

To this day, I haven’t found another way to feel this good in my body. I can only recommend that everyone should try doing some sessions with Nadine because they helped my tremendously.

Jane, Switzerland

I started a process with Nadine Debétaz to get rid of a paralyzing fear, menstrual pain and the idea that I was a bad person. Before that, I had been in therapy for several months. The result had been that I suffered from anxiety and that I could, if I wanted to, take tranquilizers to ease my panic attacks when they happened.

Throughout the sessions, I learned to accept my feelings of fear rather than try to block them and turn them into panic. I also learned to let other emotions flow that scared me and made me think that I would be a monster if I experienced them. I discovered a great strength of will within the fear and anger and I discovered gentleness within sadness. I regained strength in my legs and they tend to be less bloated. By working on my stomach, I reduced its crispation and menstrual pain. As the sessions progressed, I was able to get rid of a tendinitis that had been lingering in my right forearm for years due to playing my music instrument. (An osteopath had told me that the muscular tissues were so damaged that there was hardly any chance for any improvement).

I stopped having panic attacks like I used to before I started this process and during my psychotherapy. I feel more aware of my body, of the present moment and less stuck in my own mind. I was able to access many qualities I didn’t see in myself before. This work was really useful to me. I mastered tools that I use daily to feel good. I am very grateful to Nadine for her help!

Alfredo, Switzerland

With a painful past, due to the deaths of my father and brother, I worked on the collateral effects of these two losses (memorial regressions, naturopathy, psycho-analysis, etc.). I found in the work with Nadine a different approach, where the body was taken into account as much as emotions. This enabled me to free myself from past events painlessly, thanks to the fact that verbal communication wasn’t the main focus, but precise gestures performed by the therapist.

I had no idea how much our physical being was a prison for our scars and suffering, and the sessions with Nadine were a key for setting them free.

With all the other types of therapy I was able to understand mechanisms, and with this knowledge to ease the pain. With Nadine, I moved from theory to practical application, I was able to release a lot of these emotions and most importantly to change my mechanisms and behaviors.

All these changes enabled me to save my couple, to better manage my 20 employees, to create a different path for myself and also, as a pharmacist, to give better advice to my customers.

Andrea, a student from Italy

Nadine is no conventional teacher. I love the way she removes the professor-student boundary, I always felt like her equal. She puts her strong enthusiasm in her teaching, which makes it really pleasant. I also enjoy very much her relaxed attitude in transmitting her knowledge, which makes everything accessible and natural. Finally, her sense of humour is a real pleasure; failing is never perceived as embarrassing or too serious. Thank you Nadine for everything you have taught me.

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