Whether your pain is chronic or acute, recent or dating back decades, you can be proactive in its transformation. You can learn to create the ideal conditions for your body to use its own resources in order to reduce or cure your pain altogether.

According to Wikipedia’s definition, “pain is an alarm signal from the organism inciting it to solve the problem”. Most of the time, we aren’t aware of the problem that needs to be solved so that the alarm signal – the pain – can stop. During these sessions, we will learn together to decipher that message and see what your body needs in order to be cured from this pain.

Here are the four steps and sessions I propose:

  1. Precisely perceive and describe the sensation of your pain (electric, radiating, acute, violent, pulsating, paralysing, enduring, faint, vague, throbbing, general, irritating, burning, etc.).

  2. Become aware of your automatic reaction to pain (muscular efforts, alteration of breathing, efforts to try and feel it less, compensation, emotional reaction…) through superficial or deep massages, as well as instructions.

  3. Lean to stop these automatic mechanisms and see whether a problem persists (the message conveyed by the pain) once these reactions have been suspended. In 80% of cases, there is no longer any pain at this stage.

  4. Manage to achieve this on your own, in your daily life.


The sessions are conducted on a massage table. The applied techniques are adapted to each individual so that you can go through steps 1 to 4 efficiently and as fast as possible.


What a session consists in

A session typically lasts between 1 hour and 1 ½ hour and is conducted on a massage table. The techniques are applied to the body, so it’s preferable to wear nothing more than underwear, but you can keep your full clothing on if you feel more comfortable that way. A session combines techniques of light and deeper touching, breathing techniques and movements, as well as verbal instructions.

The amount of sessions can vary according to your situation and your objectives. After the first session, we can already assess whether you will be able to have an impact on your pain or not.

You will continue to see your doctor simultaneously. We work collaboratively so that you are supported in the best possible way and can live a “normal” life again as soon as possible, where you will feel relieved and comfortable with your body.



  • CHF 150 for the first 1 ½ hour session
  • CHF 120 for the following 1-hour sessions

If you need to cancel a session, please notify me at least 24 hours in advance in order to not be charged.

Sessions can be conducted in French or English


Results of a study on pain involving over 300 patients

We carried out a study on pain and on the impact of this method. The condensed results are as follows:

  • In 80% of cases, the pain stopped completely.
  • In 15% of cases, the pain diminished.
  • In 5% of cases, the pain remained the same, and this was visible from the first session.

Définitions de la douleur

Definition of pain on Wikipedia

Definition of pain on Merriam-Webster

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